Time to Talk

I have often thought that an outlet to share educational ideas and inspirations, would be a good idea. However, it is easy to get carried along on the chatty train and be railroaded into producing a place for political rantings and educational nonsense.

It was with that in mind that I had stopped short of the station and not quite checked into the revolution that is blogging. Alas, it was a colleague and the desire to have a place to reflect on the day to day world we find ourselves as educators in, that drew me to give this outlet a go.

Sometimes, within our days as learning facilitators we are witnesses to moments of awe and wonder, moments of personal accomplishment for ourselves and those we are so lucky to be entrusted with, guiding through the learning minefield. It is also wonderful to sit back and let out a laugh at those comedy gems that as educators we so often observe or over hear.

This is my blog, my place to reflect, my place to inspire and my place to smile. Teaching is full of listening and learning is full of joy. This is that space for the teacher to talk and so the talkative teacher is born…

Join the talkative teacher – join me on my journey.